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Those who do not want to

imitate anything,

produce nothing.

Salvador Dali

“Some people
want it to happen,

Some people
wish it would happen,

Michael Jordan

About | iAmPhase1

Award winning sports facility.

We bring a personal and effective approach

to every athlete we work with,which is why

our clients love us

and why they keep coming back.

Michael Waters

President / Owner

Public Speaker, NASM CPT, PES

Michael Waters built a name in the sports industry by combining exceptional skills in entrepreneurship, performance training, and marketing. His leadership has played a major role in the success of hundreds of athletes. As the founder and owner he has created a system that has proven to be successful.

Michael was named the Nevada Microenterprise Initiative Business Person of the Year. He is also an active participant in the Clark County School District PAYBAC, and Stay in School Mentoring Project. He is also very active with Fellowship of Christian Athletes and a number of other charitable organizations.

Melvin Spicer III


AFAA CPT, Naval Special Warfare Conditioning Course Certified, BA in Communication

Melvin Spicer has overseen strength and conditioning programs for both amateur and professional boxers as well as personally trained numerous athletes in sports such as football, basketball, soccer, triathlons, adventure racing and fitness.

Melvin Spicer enlisted into the U.S. Navy where he served nine years, seven of them as a Navy S.E.A.L. Upon entering the Navy, he began his martial arts training studying various styles such as Aikido, Muay Thai, Jiu Jitsu and boxing.

Drawing from his education and experiences in football, martial arts and extreme strength and endurance from the military, Spicer has applied an unconventional approach to his training methods. His belief is that superior performance is a result of education, motivation and application.

Nate Gould

Co-Owner and Director

Co-Owner, Director of Boxing Programs

Nate Gould was born into boxing. Following the footsteps of his Father his boxing mission started at age 7 and is still going. He accomplished the goal of every young boxer and turned professional. After 10 years as a professional boxer, Nate began molding the future in boxing. For the last 10 years he has been investing his time into professional and up-and-coming fighters. During that time Phase 1 FightGame has gained national recognition and is well on the way to becoming a dominant team. The expertise of Nate Gould and his ties with HBO 24/7, TMT-The Money Team, and Golden Boy Productions create an instant advantage to boxers in the Phase 1 FightGame.

Reggie Hobson

Performance Trainer

Director of Performance Training, CPT, PES, BA in Psychology

Reggie Hobson has over 25 years of fitness industry experience. Managing national facilities like Gold’s Gym and reaching the highest level of professional football. He has created his niche by seamlessly combining experience from the athletic and bodybuilding worlds.  Combining both advanced training principles and mental training his results are unmatched. Early 2013 he developed a complete training system, APB-Athletic Power Bodybuilding, that has been responsible for dramatic improvements in athletes of all ages.












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I hated every minute of training, but I said Don’t quit.

Suffer now and live

the rest of your life as a Champion!

Muhammad Ali

Marketing | Services

We have a unique

blend of talent that allows

us to offer such a diverse

range of services.

IAm Phase 1 also encourages endorsement deals and knows in many cases that endorsements can provide the majority of an athletes’ revenue. There are many forms of agreements including product sponsor, expense agreements, and salary deals. Based on your marketability and influence companies determine an athlete’s value based on potential product sales.

The MORE You sweat in training,

The Less You Bleed in Battle.


Training | Services

Phase1 Sports offers services

of all ranges for all ages

achieve your best with Phase1 Sports

IAm Phase 1 provides Testing and Evaluation services. These services assure that each client maximizes results. Services include: weight management, athlete performance and general health. See what we offer HERE

Phase 1 SportS Facility, Where athletes are developed! Las Vegas Nevada.


FAQsHere is a few of the most common questions asked to us.
We will add more as we deem necessary.

What is Phase 1 Sports Marketing?
P1SM is an athlete marketing company that focuses on maximizing our athletes off the field potential.
How do I become part of P1SM?
In order to provide the highest quality service we have a limited number of athletes that we work with. We determine those athletes based on personal relationships, direct referrals, and evaluations. In order to be selected we determine the athletes’ marketability, character, and if it will be a good “fit”.
How do I decide what program to do?
The best way is to call or email us and set up a free consultation.
Do you have to be an athlete or competitor to train at Phase 1 Sports?
No, we have training programs for everyone.
Do your programs all have contracts?
No, the majority of our programs are month to month.
How do I submit my information to be selected?
Gather as much pertinent information as possible and mail it to Phase 1 Sports, Inc. Address: 5137 W Oquendo RD Las Vegas, NV 89118. You can also email information to
If selected, why should we join Phase 1 Sports Marketing?
If you evaluate the direction sports today, what is the first thing you will notice? Athletes are doing more than playing their respective sport. They are signing major endorsement deals, building very successful charitable organizations, motivating, encouraging, and being role models to other athletes and people in general. With all the social media, television, and other media outlets opportunities are bigger than ever. P1SM goal is to strategically guide and coach you on your way to becoming a brand.
What if I already have an agent?
We are not an agency so there is no conflict if you are currently represented. Our focus is on marketing and branding athletes so we have no interest in you athletic contract. In most cases we work directly with agents, managers, etc.

Success is not just measured by awards,

plaques, and accomplishments. It’s also

measured by sacrifices.

Michael Waters, Phase 1 Sports

Contact | Us

Get In Touch

find out more

about joining the

phase 1 family.

  • 5137 Oquendo Road
    Las Vegas, NV 89118
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  • Mon-Fri: 6:00am → 9:00pm
    Sat: 8:00am → 3:00pm
    Sunday: Closed
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